Datalogic, MG1501

SKU MG1501-10231-0200

Introducing the Datalogic MG1501: the ultimate presentation scanner for retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. This powerhouse device is perfect for any industry thanks to its versatility and power. With a high-resolution image sensor, it can effortlessly read all types of barcodes, even if they're damaged or poorly printed. Say goodbye to missed scans with the MG1501's bright white illumination system, which ensures easy barcode scanning in low-light environments. Boost efficiency and accuracy in your operations with this game-changing scanner.


Get Reliable and Cost-Effective Results, Every Time With Datalogic, MG1501.

Here are some of the key features of the Datalogic MG1501:

  • High-resolution image sensor: The MG1501 features a high-resolution image sensor that can read all common 1D and 2D barcodes, even those that are damaged or poorly printed. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications where accuracy is critical, such as retail checkout and inventory management.
  • Bright white illumination system: The MG1501 has a bright white illumination system that makes it easy to scan barcodes in low-light conditions. This is especially helpful in warehouses and other environments where there is limited natural light.
  • Ergonomic design: The MG1501 has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time. This is important for users who need to scan barcodes frequently throughout the day.
  • Wireless capabilities: The MG1501 is available with wireless capabilities, which gives users the freedom to move around without being tethered to a cord. This is ideal for applications where users need to scan barcodes in multiple locations.
  • Durable construction: The MG1501 is built to withstand even the most demanding environments. It is IP52 rated, which means it is protected against dust and water. It also has a drop rating of 1.8 meters, so it can withstand accidental drops.


Unlock ultimate efficiency with the new DATALOGIC, MG1501.

The Datalogic MG1501 is a powerful and versatile barcode scanner that is perfect for a variety of applications. It is easy to use, comfortable to hold, and built to last. If you are looking for a barcode scanner that can help you improve your productivity and efficiency, the Datalogic MG1501 is a great option.

Here are some additional benefits of using the Datalogic MG1501:

  • Increased productivity: The MG1501's fast scanning speed and easy-to-use interface can help you scan barcodes more quickly and accurately, which can lead to increased productivity.
  • Improved accuracy: The MG1501's high-resolution image sensor and bright illumination system can help you scan barcodes more accurately, even in difficult conditions. This can help you avoid errors and improve your bottom line.
  • Reduced downtime: The MG1501's durable construction and long battery life can help you reduce downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: The MG1501's fast scanning speed and easy-to-use interface can help you improve customer satisfaction by making checkout and other transactions faster and more efficient.


If you are looking for a barcode scanner that can help you improve your productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, the Datalogic MG1501 is a great option.