Bixolon, SRP-330II


Get Crisp, Clear Text and Graphics Every Time With the SRP-330II.

Introducing the BIXOLON SRP-330II thermal POS printer - the perfect combination of value, reliability, and affordability. Designed for retail, hospitality, and other businesses, this printer is your solution for all your printing needs, from receipts to barcodes and other important documents.

With incredible printing speeds of up to 220mm/second, the SRP-330II is one of the fastest thermal POS printers available. And with a resolution of 180 or 203 dpi, rest assured that every line of text and every graphic will be crystal clear and razor sharp.


Reliable Performance & Long Lasting Durability for Your Business Needs.

The user-friendly interface and large, easy-to-read display make operating and maintaining the SRP-330II a breeze. Plus, it offers a range of convenient features, like a built-in cutter, paper-saving mode, and power-saving mode, to ensure your printer runs smoothly and efficiently.

But the SRP-330II doesn't just excel in performance - it's built to last. With a durable metal housing and a long-lasting thermal print head, it's guaranteed to withstand the demands of your business.

Upgrade your printing experience with the BIXOLON SRP-330II and enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for all your printing needs.


Here are some of the key features of the BIXOLON SRP-330II:

  • Fast printing speed of up to 220mm/second
  • Resolution of 180 or 203 dpi
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in cutter
  • Paper saving mode
  • Power-saving mode
  • Durable metal housing
  • Long-lasting thermal print head
  • The BIXOLON SRP-330II is a great choice for businesses that are looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use thermal POS printer. It is perfect for printing receipts, barcodes, and other documents in a variety of environments.


Here are some of the benefits of using the BIXOLON SRP-330II:

  • Increased productivity: The SRP-330II's fast printing speed and high resolution can help you increase productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to print receipts and other documents.
  • Improved customer service: The SRP-330II's clear and sharp printing can help you improve customer service by providing customers with a professional-looking receipt.
  • Reduced costs: The SRP-330II's energy-efficient design can help you reduce your operating costs by consuming less power.
  • Increased durability: The SRP-330II's durable metal housing and long-lasting thermal print head can help you increase the lifespan of your printer.


If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use thermal POS printer, the BIXOLON SRP-330II is a great option for you. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.