Citizen, CT-E351


The Citizen CT-E351 is a sophisticated and compact POS printer that features a unique and contemporary design. It fits seamlessly in small spaces and features front exit printing at a resolution of 203 dpi for receipts.

Here are some of the key features of the Citizen CT-E351:

  • High speed printing: The CT-E351 can print receipts at a speed of up to 250mm per second, making it ideal for busy retail and hospitality environments.
  • Compact design: The CT-E351 is a small and lightweight printer that takes up very little space on your counter or worktop.
  • Front exit printing: The CT-E351 prints receipts out the front of the printer, so they are easy to tear off and hand to customers.
  • 203 dpi resolution: The CT-E351 prints receipts at a resolution of 203 dots per inch, which is clear and easy to read.
  • Multiple interfaces: The CT-E351 has two built-in interfaces: USB and serial. This makes it compatible with a wide range of POS systems and cash drawers.
  • Built-in buzzer: The CT-E351 has a built-in buzzer that sounds when a receipt is printed. This is useful for notifying customers that their receipt is ready.
  • Easy to use: The CT-E351 is easy to set up and use. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to change settings and print custom receipts.
  • Reliable and durable: The CT-E351 is a reliable and durable printer that is built to last. 


Reliable Performance & Long Lasting Durability for Your Business Needs. 

 The Citizen CT-E351 is a great choice for businesses that are looking for a compact, high-speed, and reliable POS printer. It is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, bars, and other businesses that need to print a lot of receipts.


Here are some additional benefits of using the Citizen CT-E351:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate a fast and efficient printing experience. The CT-E351's high speed printing and front exit printing make it easy for customers to get their receipts quickly and easily.
  • Improved productivity: The CT-E351's fast printing speed can help your employees be more productive. They can spend less time waiting for receipts to print and more time serving customers.
  • Reduced costs: The CT-E351 is a cost-effective printer. It is energy efficient and uses low-cost thermal paper.

If you are looking for a high-quality POS printer that is compact, fast, reliable, and easy to use, the Citizen CT-E351 is a great option. It is the perfect printer for businesses of all sizes.