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Star Micronics offers the best range of Point of Sale receipt printers to suit your particular needs. Whether that be a sturdy system to stand trails of rough use or an aesthetically beautiful looking piece of machine to do the job. Star Micronics Receipt Printers can be used as per your application at varied POSs; kiosks, restaurants, storefronts, barcode labeling among others. The printers permit you to print coupons, receipts, promotional contents, and even survey reports.

Star Micronics also brings in their expertise of over thirty years, making the products trustworthy and support reliable. A highly efficient R&D team incorporates the best of technology for a user-friendly experience even without extensive IT knowledge.

Star Micronics Printers are a diverse range of devices for every need, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here are a few Star Micronics POS receipt printers from the TSP143III line to help you decide which ones suit your business and need better.

Star Micronics TSP143III

The Star Micronics LAN TSP143III is a recent game changer in POS printers. It is extremely easy to use and very fast at 43 six-inch receipts per minute. It is a Direct Thermal Line Printer with WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, or USB interface connection. The Star Micronics TSP143III lets you add graphics to your receipts to beautify them. It has an auto-cutter, is energy certified and features a Drop-In & Print loading system. This monochrome Start Micronics Printer is the best choice if you are looking for something easy, savvy and speedy.

  • Star Micronics TSP143IIIL 39464910

Star Micronics TSP143IIIL 39464910

Star Micronics TSP143IIL is the LAN variant of the TSP143IIIL printer. The LAN receipt printer can be set up in AP mode with the provided easy wat. It makes for a great POS receipt printer for its easy to use interface.

  • Star Micronics TSP143IIIU 39464011

Star Micronics TSP143IIIU 39464011

Star Micronics TSP143IIIU is the USB variant of the TSP143IIIU printer. You can connect the printer to a Microsoft or Apple PC using any of the USP ports to be detected by it. The TSP143IIU also hosts a feature unique to itself. It lets you charge your tablet with a lightning cable, reducing clutter. One less wire to worry about!

This Star Micronics receipt printer is also environment-conscious leading to a 75 percent reduction in power consumption and up to 70 percent reduction in paper usage.

All Star Micronics POS receipt printers come with Android and IOS drivers. These enable you to set your printer up with Android, Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices for seamless use in different environments.

The range of Star Micronics Receipt Printers, even the ones other than the TSP143III range, are savvy, fast, and durable. They can fit the needs for various industries, including, but not limited to, hospitality, healthcare, restaurants. They are also easy to operate and maintain and are also great for the environment!

The range also delivers the best printing solutions for people who look for stylish printers. The ones who consider durability of the machine with the ability to handle heavy usage, temperature fluctuations, etc. also go for Star Micronics.

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