Does a USB Receipt Printer Benefit Restaurants?

There is a point of sale (POS) system in every restaurant. And an integral part of this system is a printer. It is basically used to print customer transaction receipts. However, the connected printers get affected if the POS system is diversified and enfolds almost all the sections of the restaurants.

When restaurants look for a faster table-turn option with enhanced output, they need to opt for an upgraded technology that helps them work faster. Mobile solutions are available. They do tend to increase profits and customer satisfaction. But, everything is in vain if the connection of the device and the printer is not available.

In other words, even if you use the most advanced technology and the latest POS hardware, performance will get disturbed if the connectivity is not good.

Today, there are printers available in the market that solve this problem. They come with a USB tether option that banishes the connectivity issues that can occur between the device and the printer. This enables faster data transfer to the printers in the restaurant when the staff is on the go. Some of the examples of such printers are: Epson TM-T20II USB – C31CD52062, Star Micronics LAN TSP143IIIL GRY – 39464910, and Star Micronics TSP143IIU USB GRY ECO – 39464011.

Usb Receipt Printer

What is a USB Tether!

Multiple internet-enable wireless devices can be connected with each other through wireless or a cable connection. USB tethers are created when this connection is with the help of a USB connection. Wired USB tethers are most reliable.

Usually, there are three different ways to connect the printing devices to other internet-enabled devices – Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. In a hospitality environment, none of them work well.

Here, USB tether works as a perfect solution because in the hospitality segment connectivity between devices is a must.

Two Types of Receipt Printers

Two types of receipt printers are mostly used in restaurants – Thermal Receipt Printers and Impact Receipt Printers. The basic task assigned to both remains the same, however, there are a few points that differentiate the two. One most important factor is the method used for printing by these printers.

  • Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal printers are known for less noise, speed and high-quality prints. These printers do not use ink, rather they have a combination of thermal head and thermal paper. The latter has a thermal coating which makes the paper responsive to heat. Receipts are printed when the heat generated by the thermal head comes in contiguity with the paper.

Thermal printers mostly print in black. However, there are high-end thermal printers available with multicolor printing options.

  • Impact Receipt Printers

Impact printers are most commonly known as dot matrix printers. These are the conventional designs. The printers have a print head with pins that use ink to create alphabets and numbers with a series of tiny dots on paper. A few high-end printers enable graphic printing designs as well.

Impact printers mostly print in red and black.

Benefits of USB Receipt in Restaurant

  • Reduced Connectivity Problem

Connectivity issues between the devices and printers can be a major concern for restaurants. There can be inaccuracies and miscalculations in order, tickets, or food preparation and delivery time because of this.

A USB tether is a perfect solution here. A printer connected via a USB tether provides extremely reliable connectivity. Moreover, an Apple device connected to a USB tether can get charged as well while being connected to it.

  • Turn Tables Faster

USB tether enabled printers allow connectivity with all operating system devices. They can tether directly with the printer. Providing compact designs, easy connection, enhanced printing speed, and reliability are considered to be the key points that speak in favor of a USB tether printing connection. Ultimately, these points increase the table turn-around time n restaurants where fast service and high-volume transactions are required.

  • Cost

Cost is a very essential element when we talk about a printer that includes everything required for a restaurant. It is good to know that besides being reliable and efficient, the USB tether printers are cost-effective as well. These printers come with cables, mounting kits, and paper rolls. They also have an internal power supply option. Moreover, every USB tether printer has a unique serial number that helps detect it on a windows platform using any USB port. Therefore, all you need to do is just plug and play.

If you are looking to buy a barcode printer or a USB receipt printer for your restaurant or business, be sure to check out our selection. We carry Star Micronics printers and more to suit varied needs.

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