Why Should You Avoid Using Smartphones as Barcode Scanners?

What are Smartphone Scanners!

When a smartphone is used as a scanner, you call it a smartphone scanner. A program can be downloaded that allows your phone to scan codes using the camera. The biggest benefit here is that you can carry a scanner anywhere you take your phone. However, it is not advisable to use your phone as a scanner. Let’s discuss why we need to avoid using smartphones as barcode scanners.

Why Should You Avoid Using Smartphones as Barcode Scanners?

Security Issues with Smartphones

Security is better in Zebra Barcode Scanners as they do not share data. They are not connected to any social media platforms, therefore, data breech cannot happen. Moreover, data is stored on the server and once the scanner is removed from the system, it does not contain any information.

Moreover, in warehouses, a Zebra wireless Barcode Scanner offers more security than a smartphone. Here, the data needs to be kept secure. If a smartphone is used as a scanner, the device will have to be left at work as it consists of the warehouse management system. This request becomes a problem if the employees are asked to bring their devices. Therefore, a barcode scanner is a better option.

Smartphones Aren’t Cost-Effective

Barcode scanners are meant for a single-purpose. Therefore, there technology and built is less complex as compared to a smartphone significantly reducing the purchase and maintenance cost.

Speed & Reliability Issues

Zebra Barcode Scanners are faster in terms of performance and more reliable than a smartphone. They are designed for a single purpose unlike the latter that performs multiple tasks at a time reducing the efficiency levels. Moreover, smartphones do not have a scan engine. Therefore, it is difficult to read smaller barcodes.

Data Integration Issues

Smartphones, if used as a barcode scanner, need to be integrated to the system, whereas, a barcode scanner can be plugged and played using a USB cable or Bluetooth. No software downloads are required in order to use them.

Battery Life

Smartphones use the operating system and multiple apps. Therefore, their battery life is shorter as compared to a barcode scanner that uses power only when in use. Moreover, a barcode scanner is meant to perform only one function, therefore has a long batter life.

Software Updates

The operating system in a smartphone requires regular updates. This could lead to downtime and data loss, ultimately affecting the productivity and cost. However, the software used in a barcode scanner does not require to be updated unless there is a major fault in the system.

Some of the useful barcodes scanners are:

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