Top Applications & Uses of Barcode Scanners

Today, instead of punching in the numbers by hand, barcode scanners are preferred. These are easy to use and save a lot of time. Preventing accidental errors is another important benefit of using these scanners. In any industry, the combination of accuracy and speed is very important when it comes to billing or inventory.

Different kinds of barcode scanners are used for various purposes. They connect with POS systems with wires/codes or Bluetooth. Today, barcode scanners have become very easy to use with just a simple plug-in.

Top Applications & Uses of Barcode Scanners

Types of Barcode Scanners

There are different types of barcode scanners. The most popular ones have a laser that detects the barcode labels. Details fed in with the particular code is displayed on the screen of the POS system. It is also known as Charge Coupled Device or CCD scanner.

The most common barcode scanners in the market are Honeywell Scanners, Honeywell Xenon Scanners, Honeywell Wireless Barcode Scanners, Yumite Barcode Scanners, Yumite Scanners, Honeywell Voyager Scanners, etc.

With advanced technology, your smartphone can also function as a barcode scanner. Today, many payment options also use this scanning feature over the phone.

  • Laser

Honeywell Voyager Laser Scanner

Laser scanners are considered to be one of the most popular scanning devices. They are cost-effective and very efficient. These scanners can read the barcodes from a few inches to 2 feet away. Most recommended option here is the Honeywell Voyager barcode scanner.


Easy to use
Can read barcodes from a distance
Very efficient

  • Handheld Scanners

Handheld Scanners

These are cordless scanners. Therefore, if mobility is required, these are the best options. Handheld scanners are very easy to operate.


Easy to use
Cordless scanners
Enhanced efficiency at work

  • Imager

Linear Imager Scanners

Linear imager scanners can read partially damaged or low-quality codes. With high-scan intensity capacity, these scanners are very popular in the retail industries and warehouses. These are the best scanning devices for challenging work environments. Some of the devices are Honeywell Xenon barcode scanner, Zebra LI4278, etc.


Can read poor-quality codes
Read barcodes on the screen
Easy to operate

  • Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth Scanners

Wireless scanners are Bluetooth enabled and highly efficient. These are easy to install and work with. One such device is Zebra DS8178.


Cordless scanners
Easy to install
Easy to operate
High performance capabilities

Applications of Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are mostly used to track inventory. However, there are other applications as well. These include:

  • Admission Desk

Movie theatres, event venues, travel tickets, etc have tickets with barcodes and they use scanners to verify the ticket and admission process. Using this in the events gives easy access to the database captured and track the revenue. At times, this also reduces the ticket printing costs for event organizing committees. Instead of printing the show tickets, they use the barcode at the venue.

Today, online travel ticket bookings and boarding passes have barcodes that can be scanned easily.

  • Track Your Food Intake

Some apps allow you to track the food you eat with the help of barcodes. Upload a picture of the barcode printed on the product you are eating. The app will keep a check on the nutrients in the product and track your food intake. It is a very convenient and easy way to keep a check on your dietary supplements.

  • Tracking Inventory

In retail stores and other places where you need to track inventory, barcodes help. You can punch in the code and know all the information fed in with it. It reduces errors and is the most convenient way to track items.

Today, products that are small in size also have a barcode.

  • Billing Made Easy

When you go to purchase anything in any store, all items have barcodes. At the billing counter, the cashier scans the codes attached to all the items and raise a bill for you. It is easy and also reduces the chances of accidental errors by manual feeding of details in the POS systems. Moreover, it can be a task to remember all the discounts when these keep changing every now-and-then. But with barcodes, it becomes easy to operate. As soon as the cashier scans the code, the system shows the amount and discount (if any) related to the item with the code. Chances of error reduce to zero unless there is a system failure.

  • Games

Barcodes have been attached to games for a long time now. Earlier, specific consoles were created for such games. For example Skannerz. The game has monsters. By scanning barcodes, the player has to capture these monsters while combating with other players.

Today, smartphones have taken over. Games in these phones do not require consoles. It is easy to access and play these games using the codes.

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